Reflects on Anniversary Year

SAN FRANCISCO — Adult industry e-tailer is wrapping up its 20th anniversary year with a look back at its business moves in 2013 and a forecast for the new year. has had unique sales offers this past year, including the tax-time stimulus package deal, free online viewings and discounts on women’s porn and "Deep Throat." The San-Francisco based company also scored exclusive contracts with adult production companies to treat its customers to select movies ahead of anyone else. But it was’s media offers that really got attention in 2013, the company said. made simple offers to MTV’s "The Real World: San Francisco," Giants pitcher Chad Gaudin, U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services and Russian President Vladimir Putin, but none got more attention than the widely reported offer for Miley Cyrus to direct a porn movie.’s Jeff Dillon chose to target social media—and gossip sites—with celebrity offers to raise the company’s profile. “While the traditional methods of promoting your company still work, there’s no denying that in 2013, it’s all about social media for mass saturation," Dillon said. "You can take something as simple as an online post, photo or video, and you’ve got the attention of literally millions of people in just hours. “

While social media promotion can be hit or miss, Dillon said it’s always worth a shot.  “There are many mainstream celebrities that are open-minded about endorsing adult products and we want to have the opportunity to work with them, so why not?”

While has made strides in 2013, including launching its new blog, Naked Truth, detailing news, gossip and trends in the adult industry, Dillon says to expect more up-close and personal time with adult entertainers in the coming months and years.

“Google Glass and virtual reality devices are on the horizon, and entertainment is definitely going to be more home-centered, and is excited to be a part of that,“ he said.