Suzuki Plans to Sell ‘Hustler’ Minicar in Japan, India

TOKYO — Don’t get this car confused with porn.

Suzuki Motor Corp.’s Hustler concept car has nothing to do with Larry Flynt and his LFP empire that uses the Hustler name to market its adult videos and string of online porn sites.

The boxy minicar will be marketed to the “outdoorsy” Japanese customers who might conjure the image of agility of an off-road motorbike released in 1969 called the Hustler TS250, said Suzuki officials, who noted that the vehicle also will be marketed in India.

Suzuki claims that the streamline body style of Hustler reminds of “a cool young person wearing a baseball cap with the peak rotated around to the back.”

Hustler, the vehicle, follows other Japanese-made cars to bemuse speakers of foreign languages, including Daihatsu Motor’s 2000 release of the Naked.

Spanish speakers were taken aback by Mazda Motor Corp.'s Laputa, a derogatory word for sex worker, while Mitsubishi Motors Corp. sold its Pajero model, which is slang for masturbation.