Empowered Goes Direct-to-Consumer for Pink, Gun Oil Marketing

LAS VEGAS — Empowered Products has launched a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign for its Pink and Gun Oil lubricants.

“Our mantra is ‘If we can get our products into the hands of a consumer, we'll have a customer for life,’” the company said. “In that spirit of personal empowerment, we have teamed up with HBMG Health & Beauty Marketing Group on a direct-to-consumer marketing campaign that we believe is going to become a staple of our overall marketing effort.”

According to the company, it will employ “the best in direct response media and advertising vehicles for maximizing lifetime value and average order of a new customer.”

“We're excited to finally have the opportunity to generate new customers for all of our products without having to solely rely on retail distribution channels or chain stores to initiate the customer relationship and product experience,” the company said.

This initial launch, which has now commenced, will be limited to print placements in local, regional and national newspapers, Sunday supplements, and magazines. The agency is also exploring using direct mail targeted sample packs to supply consumers with samplings of its lubes.

The direct mail program will be the second phase of Empowered’s marketing effort and ultimately the company says it anticipates creating a national television campaign to drive new acquisitions.

“In phase one of our launch, we anticipate reaching approximately 10,000,000 households monthly within a three month test period and slowly ramping up to 25,000,000 consumers each month in print for the balance of 2014.

“Our direct mail program, also to be launched in 2014, will consist of much more targeted campaigns averaging 500,000 active consumers in our focus category for sampling of our product lines.”