Japan Uses Virtual Women to Lure Men to Vending Machines

TOKYO — Coca-Cola ad executives have introduced an idea that has got Japanese men swigging coffee — and swooning.

Georgia, Coke’s Japan-based popular coffee product, sold primarily in vending machines, now offers an accompanying app called Hanaseru Jihanki Georgia (Georgia the Talking Vending Machine), CNET reported.

Available on both iOS and Android phone, the downloadable app lets consumers choose from six virtual women — all based on real famous women — who send you coffee-related texts (and some unrelated friendly texts).

One possible text reads, "You've worked hard today. Please take it easy for a while." Another is based on weather info garnered from available GPS data.

The Coke officials seem to be onto something because the app was rated number one for Google Play's entertainment category in Japan.

To read more about the app on CNET, click here.