Impulse Novelties to Launch Training Guide

LOS ANGELES — Impulse Novelties, manufacturers of the Closet Collection of pleasure products, has tapped “sensuality stylist” Stephanie Salyers to create a “Sales Stylist” training guide for adult retail staff.

Salyers, who in 2008 launched Metro Cherry, an ecommerce site with sensuality as its focus, has since developed a unique concept of catering to shoppers’ needs based on self-empowerment.

“I believe that the adult industry is really rising to the occasion and offering men and women a better shopping experience than ever before,” Salyers told XBIZ. “The products are increasingly higher in quality and the stores are consistently improving their aesthetics. Now we have the opportunity to elevate the sales training by teaching how to be a stylist. Professionals who can offer their customers products that are especially ideal for them will have an easier time pairing multiple products in a single sale because they aren’t making arbitrary suggestions, they are catering to the customer’s needs and wants.”

As a former beauty stylist, Salyers says understanding and taking pride in one’s services to others breeds rewards both in sales and confidence. Part of the Sales Stylist Training Manual, which will be presented at next month’s ANME, focuses on “empowering people.”

“I want sales people to feel that who they are and what they do is important,” Salyers said. “They represent all of us because they are the ones the public gets to meet, they are the ones who are really responsible for getting the product out the door and for that, I am extremely grateful. This is a cool industry and society actually looks to us to help them feel sexy and wonderful. So yeah, I want sales people to have a little swagger in their step.  They’ve earned it, now they’re going to learn it.”

The Sales Stylist Training Manual will showcase ways to promote and merchandise the Closet Collection along with other products and different product categories.

“We want distributors to know that we are going to play our part in helping them improve their sales,” Salyers said. “We might not be able to do the same things that other vendors can do in terms of training and store support, but we are getting creative about what we can do. The Sales Stylist Training is proof of that, we want to get stores the information they need and we are doing it in a totally different way.”

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