NichePartners to Offer Live Webmaster Tutorials

TORONTO — Canadian affiliate program NichePartners is offering a series of live, online tutorials for its affiliates with the aim of increasing conversions. Founded in 1998, operates a network of sites that feature Canadian models exclusively.

The first chat session takes place the first week of October and is hosted by NichePartners' Will Assum.

“I was browsing all the forums and wasn’t impressed by the lack of responses and assistance given to newcomers in the business,” Assum told XBIZ. “So I’ve been out there trying to give my advice and realized it was helping people out and would be fun for myself and the education of others to put my knowledge to use.”

Assum’s first online tutorial is targeted at webmasters who are new at promoting affiliate programs. Assum hopes to impart on them the proper tools necessary to make money with his program and also teach general webmaster skills.

“My goal for these sessions is to offer newbies basic web training,” he said. “I’ll instruct them on how to use Chameleon Submitter’s free software, and I’ll tell them how to make more money utilizing basic gallery designs, text to use, and other things that work for me.” he added, “I’ll instruct on how to make a simple root site, TGP building and search engine optimization. I won’t go into super detail, I’ll also stress the long-term sales that come from bookmarks and proper optimization.”

NichePartners will open a chatroom and forum for the tutorials to take place. The company expects more than 20 webmasters to attend its first training session.

The company operates a mega-site that gives customers access to its entire network (, two exclusive paysites ( and and one non-exclusive paysite (