Nemesis Program Reports Drop in Tube Piracy

CHATWORTH, Calif. — Nemesis, an exclusive custom tool unveiled by Takedown Piracy in July, has removed more than 40,000 counts of tube piracy, the company said in a release. 

“While Nemesis is only one of the ways we are targeting piracy, I’m happy to report it has quickly become one of our most effective,” Takedown Piracy Owner Nate Glass said. “In only a few short months, Nemesis has left a large footprint in the piracy world, accounting for over 30 percent of our total removal of more than 128,000 infringing tube videos.”

Since Takedown Piracy began implementing the Nemesis program, adult content tube sites have reportedly witnessed a corresponding drop in traffic. released these figures: is down over 1.47 million unique visitors per month since July; Traffic at has dropped over 1.29 million unique visitors; and decreased by over 401,000 unique visitors.

Christian Mann, Evil Angel general manager and reported Takedown Piracy client, said, "Evil Angel has been employing the services of Takedown Piracy for three years. We release as many as twenty titles per month, which means there are 100 new scenes for tubes and file sharing sites to steal. The popularity of our brand and our directors makes our studio one of the most sought after targets for pirates.  

“This is a serious matter. Pirates aren’t just stealing our property; they are stealing our entire business. For this purpose, we had to employ every means to combat the problem, which includes the best DMCA solution available. Nate Glass' relentless searching is unparalleled.”

Nemesis is named after the Greek goddess heralded as an agent of divine punishment for wrongdoing or hubris. The Nemesis tool analyzes tube sites to pinpoint videos likely to be infringing on copyrights, so the Takedown Piracy team is able to verify the infringement and have the pirated content removed. 

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In addition to Nemesis, Takedown Piracy developed the Aikido Program and Aikido 2.0, as well as its advanced SEO program, Search Clean.

Aikido 2.0 uses a PHP script to exploit large piracy aggregation sites. It takes sites meant to assist illegal downloads and transforms them into valuable assets in anti-piracy.

Search Clean is designed to eliminate infringements from even the largest search engines, like Google.

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