LELO Launches Flagship 'Store Within A Store' Installation at Good Vibrations

Bob Johnson

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Swedish designer brand LELO has announced the launch of their flagship “Store Within A Store” installation at the newest Good Vibrations retail location, at 189 Kearny Street in San Francisco, California.

The company said it revealed the retail concept at its 10-Year Anniversary Summit in September, announcing plans to collaborate with valued business partners to build custom luxury LELO boutiques within retail spaces.

To create a LELO boutique within the Good Vibrations retail space, a team comprised of LELO U.S.A. representatives carried out detailed planning and design preparation, collaborating in part with the company’s global marketing and graphics teams.

The store features fully-illuminated LELO displays, as well as exclusive luxury furnishings, museum-quality custom graphics, and will include an expansive showcase of product testers, to draw customers into the space with an inviting and captivating display.

The LELO design team worked side-by-side with the Good Vibrations design team, merchandising the space to prominently feature LELO’s newest product launches: IDATM and TARATM, rotating couples’ massagers, and HULA BeadsTM, remote-controlled rotating and vibrating pleasure beads.

“Our new location centered in the bustling Union Square/Financial District is excited to feature LELO’s ‘Store Within A Store’ concept in this world renowned shopping mecca. This store represents an extension of our brand into Lifestyle and LELO is the perfect fit,” Good Vibrations President Joel Kaminsky, said.

“We are very proud to feature LELO’s pleasure products in our brand new store located in the world famous Union Square shopping district of downtown San Francisco. LELO and Good Vibrations have a lot of history together and we are pleased to showcase their beautiful, well designed, and best-selling products in our new boutique retail location just in time for last minute holiday shopping,” added Good Vibrations Executive Vice President Jackie Strano.

LELO U.S. Communications and Marketing Manager Patty Callahan also lauded the new store. “It is a full circle moment to see months of design and planning by our teams become a tangible and tactile experience for our partners and their customers. The ambiance is divinely LELO, elevating sales staff to a concierge-style of service within the LELO boutique space,” Callahan said.

LELO said will continue to partner with more retailers throughout the coming year to further launch “Store Within A Store” installations across the U.S. Retailers interested in partnering can email Callahan at Patty.Callahan@lelo.com.