Fleshlight Debuts 2 Christy Mack Signature Textures

AUSTIN — Christy Mack has been named the latest Fleshlight Girl; and makes her debut with the release of both a vagina and butt signature textures called Attack and Booty.

Mack’s Attack signature texture features “a design as wild as Christy’s tattoos, these dots, bumps, ribs and nodes will make your bad girl porn fantasies come alive.”

Fleshlight introduces its first-ever Booty signature butt texture for Mack’s Fleshlight Girls line.

“Slide into Christy Mack’s famous backdoor entrance and enjoy the wonders of the Booty texture,” the company says. “A Fleshlight First, this butt signature texture will envelop you into its wavy, bumpy depths, allowing you to experience Christy’s curvaceous figure first-hand.”

As part of the release, Mack participated in a live-streaming video Q&A yesterday evening.

The newest Fleshlights retail for $79.95 each.