Coquette Celebrates 35 Years With 2014 Main Collection

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette has released its 2014 Main Collection — an expanded line symbolic of the company’s 35th milestone anniversary.

Establishing itself in Kitchener, Ontario back in 1979, the family-run business has grown to compete on the international scale. Coquette is now the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of lingerie in Canada, and distributes its brand globally to 64 countries. Taking on the ever-changing fashion industry, Coquette aims to produce quality lingerie styles that meet the needs of today's trending markets, while recognizing the varying demands of each of its demographics.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating our 35th anniversary next year with our retailers,” said Marcus Horea, vice president of sales and marketing.  “This will be a landmark year with exciting marketing campaigns and launches that we cannot wait to introduce!”

The line which encompasses the Canadian lingerie brand's largest array of lingerie styles has once again outdone itself. The in-house designers have thusly shown their skills and ingenuity in their structural designs. The 2014 catalog pages are filled with jewel-toned images with a variety of textures through the use of different materials, sexy black designs, an extended accessories line, and the Coquette bridal line.

“This catalog stretches throughout the year and over the next four seasons,” senior designer Elaine Carson said. “We therefore introduce styles that show off the expected trends for the year, including color, and any structural elements that are being seen in both lingerie and outerwear.”

The new line will promote more styles in plus sizing that incorporate structural differences compared to their regular counterparts. The details include larger straps and modesty panels for added support, as well as wider garters. In some of the corsets and bustiers the design team has even added a few inches to lengthen the piece for further coverage and overall, a superior fit.

Coquette says the new styles will be in stores by March.

To see the catalog, click here.