Love Life Products Debuts 'Cruiser' Anal Kit

Bob Johnson

LONDON — Love Life Products Ltd has announced its “Cruiser” male self-lubricating anal tool kit.

The company said the kit features a base unit with the same, patented self-lubricating technology found in its female brand “Cascade." The new product features multiple vibrations, pulsations and escalations and three separate sheath attachments.

Included in the kit is a tapered anal training attachment that’s shaped for the start of a session; the Butt Plug, a generously sized plug with an oval shape and a rounded tapered tip for easy insertion; and a Prostate Plug, designed to hit the P-Spot.

The three different attachments make Cruiser the ideal product for experienced users, Love Life noted, allowing them to enjoy the different sensations offered by the soft silicone shapes.

For beginners, the kit allows the pleasure of anal play with the comfort of being able to add extra lubrication at the touch of a button.

With branding and packaging that evokes memories of classic cruiser bikes like Harley Davidson and Triumph, the tool kit comes in a presentation box covered in black leather and embossed with the winged Cruiser logo. The packaging will also be reversible so that retailers can choose to display the contents whist still protecting the products inside.

“We wanted to create something really special for all the guys out there that have been patiently waiting for us to put together a self-lubricating product for them, so we decided to create a whole tool kit,” Sales and Marketing Director Sam Watts, said. “Allowing men to explore the pleasure of anal play in a new way, Cruiser is going to give them the ride of their lives.”

The Cruiser kit is now available for pre-order.

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