Signature Card Services Brings Big Data Intelligence to Merchants

LOS ANGELES — Signature Card Services is now offering all of their merchants the ability to harness the power of Big Data in order to create more effective marketing strategies and expedite growth and long-term success. Now every Signature Card Services client can own their own complimentary Big Data Suite account, which allows them to discover who their best customers are and where they come from.

The technology identifies key attributes of the merchant’s best customers, including demographic, geographic, psychographic and economic details. The information is accessed through a secure online portal, where merchants can monitor, graph and analyze the information in a variety of ways. With this data, businesses can develop and implement highly targeted marketing campaigns that will help them find and maintain relationships with more of their best customers.

“We are committed to our merchants and providing them with this free value-added service will give them the competitive edge that they need to succeed,” said Cliff Teston, CEO of Signature Card Services. “The sophisticated marketing capabilities of our Big Data Suite are designed to give merchants the business intelligence to tailor their marketing and sales efforts so they can receive the highest returns.”

Signature Card Services has made this impressive revenue-generating technology available to their merchants at no additional cost, and they have already seen overwhelmingly positive results — the insightful data is changing the way their merchants do business.

The Big Data Suite is just one of the many ways Signature Card Services continues to bring real value that supports the advancement of businesses.

To sign up with Signature Card Services and find out more about getting access to the Big Data Suite, visit or call (888) 334-2284.