Quick2257 App: Record-keeping Goes Mobile

LONGWOOD, Fla. — Industry attorney Lawrence Walters has released Quick2257, a new iOS app that simplifies the process of generating and transmitting performer records required by 18 U.S.C. § 2257 using an iPad or iPhone.

Quick2257, approved this week by Apple for sale in the App Store for 99 cents,  simplifies the process of creating Section 2257 records for performers, web cam models, escorts, dating site members and anyone who produces depictions of actual or simulated sexually explicit conduct.

Quick2257 allows anyone with an iPhone or iPad to create the necessary performer records and transmit them to the records custodian in minutes,

Walters told XBIZ that the Apple app, selling at a nominal introductory price of less than a buck, is a first-generation release that will improve in functionality over time.  He also said that there's hope to eventually offer the device on multiple platforms in addition to iTunes.

The Florida attorney, who also has invented and patented other technology designed for the adult entertainment industry, got the idea from new mobile options banking consumers are now using.  

"While depositing a check using my mobile phone banking app one day this summer, it occurred to me that the process of compiling and sending 2257 records could be greatly simplified for the average erotic performer, webcam model, or escort advertiser," Walters said. "All that would be required was an app that included all the relevant fields, the ability to capture a legible image of the front and back of the picture ID card, a verification of the accuracy of the information, and a way to conveniently send the information to the 2257 records custodian. 

"So I got to work developing the app, and released it today, for the nominal, introductory price of 99 cents. While the fee will probably not even cover the cost of development of the app, I feel that it is important to give back something to the adult industry which I've had the honor of representing as a lawyer, for many years." 

The Quick 2257 app allows users to create a form containing the performer’s legal name, stage name, and/or aliases; record the date of original production of the depiction; identify the title of the work associated with the depiction; capture the front and back of the performer’s picture ID card using the device camera; sign and verify the accuracy of the information using the touch screen; compile all information into a convenient .pdf file; and, send the 2257 records file to the records custodian using the mobile device’s email function.

Walters said the hope is for Quick2257 to be simple enough to create the required performer records in a matter of minutes, so that users can email them to the records custodian.

"With more and more amateur performers getting into the industry, such as cam models and escorts, I felt that it was time to simplify the process of creating the required records," Walters said. "We do not act as the records custodian, or maintain copies of any 2257 information, but merely allow the performer to create a .pdf file containing the necessary performer  information, and email it to the custodian of their choice.

"Depending on how the content is used, the custodian may be required to maintain some additional records, and the compliance process should still be overseen by a competent adult entertainment attorney."


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