Kheper Games Debuts 'Hump!' Card Game

Bob Johnson

SEATTLE — Kheper Games, Inc. announced today its new "Hump!" card game.

The company said the sex trivia game that asks couples such compelling questions as: “What sexy outfit do 9 out of 10 men prefer on a woman?” and “What breathing technique helps intensify orgasms?”

Players take turns posing questions to each other and whomever answers 10 correctly first, wins and selects a technique or experience from one of his or her winning cards for the couple to act out.

“People want to learn about sex,” CEO Brian Pellham, said.

He added, “As pointed out in the December Cosmopolitan Magazine article about sex games, content can easily be too silly in a sex game to be helpful. We at Kheper Games, Inc. focus on the value of what’s included in our games. Sex games from Kheper Games, Inc., like Hump!, are relationship enriching tools that are meant to bring couples together and help them work through relationship hurdles such as monotony, passionless sex, and serious intimacy issues is a fun and playful format.”

Hump! includes: 40 Sex Position trivia cards, 40 Foreplay trivia cards, 40 Unique Experiences cards, 40 Down and Dirty trivia cards, a spinner and game rules.

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