XBIZ 360 Digital Media, Film Conference Sessions Announced

LOS ANGELES — XBIZ is pleased to announce the full lineup of Digital Media and Adult Film Conference sessions for the 2014 edition of XBIZ 360. Scheduled in tandem, the Digital Media and Adult Film Conferences together will cover the full scope of adult film and its digital evolution.  

Scheduled for Jan. 23-24, the individual yet related conferences represent just a part of the XBIZ 360  event series, which will bring together industry executives and entrepreneurs from around the world to explore the future of the multibillion-dollar adult industry.

With a complete take-over of the extraordinary W Hollywood Hotel, the 2014 edition of XBIZ 360 is set to be the most all-encompassing trade show in adult industry history, culminating with the industry’s awards event of the year — the 2014 XBIZ Awards show, presented by Fleshlight and hosted by adult movie legend Jenna Jameson as master of ceremonies.


The XBIZ 360 Digital Media Conference explores the rapidly evolving world of online adult entertainment; including in-depth analysis of the latest technological advances, timely sessions discussing emerging market trends and how new and established brands are positioning themselves for future growth by adapting to changes within and outside of the industry. Conference sessions include:

Traffic Trends: In Pursuit of the Adult Entertainment Consumer
A decline in eyeballs and sales at adult websites is often blamed on the changing nature of Internet traffic sources, but it is the website visitors themselves that have changed the most. From the shift to social media as an online attractor to restrictions on Internet access that limit the global audience, to how mobile access throughout the developing world is today’s biggest Internet growth sector, our expert panelists will explore the latest trends and opportunities in adult website viewership.

Next Web: The Changing Face of Online Adult Entertainment
The Internet as we know it is in a state of flux, with groundbreaking web technologies, ubiquitous mobile access and fresh new user experiences fueling the next steps in digital media. From the latest design trends to the newest media delivery techniques, our tech-visionary panelists will reveal tomorrow’s most promising web technologies, in this forward-looking session that examines the industry’s role in this evolutionary technological and social change.

Google Glass Porn: MiKandi Presents the Next Frontier
In this highly anticipated glimpse into the future of the adult industry, MiKandi will demonstrate the groundbreaking Google Glass device and discuss its adult entertainment applications. Attendees will get the opportunity to check out Glass in person as well as the wildly popular Glass parody video, which MiKandi produced in association with XBIZ. Join us as MiKandi details the future of the technology and its potential impact on adult entertainment.

Interactivity: The New Profit Center of Adult Entertainment
Fueling one of adult entertainment’s most dynamic market segments, interactive content delivers a personal touch; melding technology with titillation to unite customers with their fantasies. From live one-on-one sessions where borders evaporate via webcam, to next generation sites that merge adult dating with social media, our interactive specialist panelists will discuss the many ways in which the industry is capitalizing on interactive adult entertainment.

Mobile Mania: The Big Shift for Adult Entertainment
The adult entertainment industry is often credited with leading the way in technology, and this is seen in its early adoption of various media delivery platforms. With the explosive growth of mobile, adult site operators are rethinking their content and delivery strategies, seeking to attract the rapidly growing base of Internet users on the go. Join our expert mobile panelists for a close look at where mobile adult entertainment is headed.

E-Billing: Payment Processing Trends in Adult Entertainment
Join our panel of seasoned payment processing experts as they discuss the latest trends impacting Internet and mobile billing for adult entertainment businesses and other stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem. From the role payment processing plays in new adult website restrictions in the U.K. and beyond to the way European transactions are processed, plus alternative solutions such as Bitcoin and other emerging crypto-currencies that are changing the face of online payment, will all be explored in this focused session.

Legal Update: Hot-Button Issues Impacting Adult Entertainment
The adult entertainment industry will face a variety of legal challenges in 2014 —from the reality of Europe’s move towards Internet censorship to the latest in the war against digital media piracy. Join our expert adult industry attorneys in examining the most pressing issues facing the industry in the New Year and foreseeable future, in this executive session highlighting the threats impacting adult entertainment and regulatory landscape.

AWE Presents: The World of Live Cams
AWEmpire.com, a world leader in live cams and operator of LiveJasmin.com, will present an exclusive workshop for XBIZ 360 attendees, discussing the explosive growth of the live cam market, including white label systems that allow models and entrepreneurs to build their own custom-branded live cam site, along with a demonstration of their “True HD Streaming” capabilities. The workshop also will discuss what it means for modern live video standards and take a look at the company’s groundbreaking IPTV product.

The Future of Digital Adult Entertainment
Glimpse into the crystal balls of the industry’s top visionaries, as we unlock future trends in digital adult entertainment for 2014 and beyond. Providing in-depth analysis of the New Year’s challenges, opportunities and possibilities, these influential market leaders will deliver a unique palette of insider insights that will lay bare the road ahead for the business of digital adult entertainment.

Keynote: Anthony Previte, CEO of FriendFinder Networks
Anthony Previte, CEO of FriendFinder Networks, steward of some of the biggest brands in adult entertainment, has led the publicly traded company through some of the most challenging times the industry has faced. Through synergy among FFN’s varied business divisions, Previte has set out to redefine the company’s world-famous brands, which include AdultFriendFinder.com, Cams.com and Penthouse. Be part of this exclusive one-on-one with Previte, who will share his unique outlook on the future of the adult entertainment industry and the many opportunities and challenges faced by those navigating its changing waters.


The XBIZ 360 Adult Film Conference explores every major area of the constantly evolving business of adult movie creation and distribution. Subjects will include genre trends and analysis of the latest technological advances, such as the new 4k screen resolution on the horizon, as well as in-depth discussions about the changing scene for movie performers and how up-and-coming and established talent are adapting in today's digital-driven era. Conference sessions include:

Porn and Condoms: The Great Debate
The most polarizing question facing the adult film industry today is whether condom use should be mandated by law. It’s an issue that has not only created ongoing political controversy, but it has also divided the production community. Join our distinguished panel of adult film community members as we examine all sides of the argument and discuss the future of adult film production.

Porn Disrupted: The Politics of Changing Sexual Attitudes
A candid discussion about deconstructing the perceptions of real-world sex created by modern-day porn. Join a group of progressive industry activists for a unique session about the emergence of sex-positive alternatives to other offerings that reinforce the male-dominated stereotypes that often define mainstream porn.

Feminist Porn: Inside the Movement
What are the key components of the growing feminist porn movement and how is it shaping socio-cultural attitudes toward pornography? How do feminist porn values intersect with the country’s ideals of labor, politics, power and representation? Join us as a group of influential feminist porn community leaders articulate their vision.

Picture Perfect: The Emergence of 4K Porn
The adult entertainment industry is among the early adopters of cutting-edge technology and 4K appears to be the next “resolution frontier.” How will 4K affect porn in terms of production and distribution and what are leading producers doing to prepare for it? Join our panel of industry experts who will weigh in on this emerging standard.

Tomorrow’s Adult Entertainment Celebrity
Generations of porn performers come and go, but only a few leave lasting impressions both inside and outside the industry. In this era of tabloid headlines, so-called celebrity sex tapes and social media superstars, what does it take for professional performers to create a brand that transcends the industry? While there are no clear paths to crossover stardom, there are proven strategies that work better than others. Join us as a group of accomplished porn personalities discuss what it takes to stand out in a sea of performers who all want to be the next big thing.

 Gay Adult Entertainment: State of the Economy
The business of gay adult entertainment is more dynamic than ever. Whether it’s creation of groundbreaking feature films, development of cutting-edge web destinations or promotion of stars through non-traditional media channels, gay studios heads and company executives are exploring and pushing new boundaries in order to capture market share. Join our panel of gay market leaders as we discuss the most pressing issues and latest trends impacting gay adult entertainment.

The Future of Adult Film
The lifeblood of adult film is fresh content that keeps consumers coming back. But what kind of material is moving the dial in an era where supply may outweigh demand? Join a diverse panel of top studio heads that have track records for creating content that sells regardless of economic climate. Find out how they forecast shifting consumer tastes, anticipate industry shifts and plan to adapt to changing methods of content creation, delivery and consumption in 2014 and beyond.

Keynote: Scott Taylor, Founder of New Sensations
Scott Taylor, the founder of the XBIZ award-winning studio New Sensations/Digital Sin as well as distribution hub National/Universal and pleasure products brand NS Novelties, will share his unique perspective on building businesses for the first time. Long regarded as one of the most influential figures of the adult entertainment biz, Taylor has led the industry by example with his penchant for innovation, marketing savvy and trend-setting approach to product creation. Taylor plans to discuss his professional background, his business philosophy, the growth of his companies and his vision for the future of adult entertainment.

In addition, XBIZ 360 will feature related conferences tailored to the retail and pleasure products markets — providing the most comprehensive showcase of industry insights ever presented. Sessions scheduled for those conferences will be forthcoming.

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