Tod Hunter Offering PR Writing Services

BURBANK, Calif. — Veteran adult-industry writer and reviewer Tod Hunter is offering his press release services for awards nominees heading into the adult industry awards season.

"It's that time of year again, and I finally have some time to put out press releases," Hunter said. "There are three awards shows and a lot of nominees, and often the little memory jog from a press release makes the difference between a nomination and a win."

Hunter said he is offreing one-shot press releases for a set rate. "I'm not a publicist, I'm a writer. If you need a publicist, I can help you find one. I know them all and if you need someone to guide your career I can help you find the best one for you, gratis, just ask," Hunter added. "I'm like the guy from the Auto Club: I can't build you a whole car, but I've got a full toolkit and I can give you the help you need.

"Your release will go to my personal press list, plus the press-release distribution operations serving the adult industry. Nothing goes out without your approval, and I'll time it for maximum impact."

Hunter has been a fan of the adult industry since the '70s, and turned pro in 1997. He has been a writer, editor and reviewer at several adult industry magazines and news sites. Before that, he spent 10 years in mainstream television, receiving two Emmy nominations for his work as a writer. He has been profiled on the Porn Valley Vantage and Sex Across America websites and still works freelance for major adult-industry publications.

For more information about Hunter's services email or click here.