Sportsheets Partners With Retailer Sexyland for Sexpo

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets has returned from Sexpo, where the powerhouse brand partnered with Australian retailer Sexyland to host a booth and meet with consumers and fans.

Sportsheets Sales Manager Cheri Poe attended the event and provided demonstrations of Sportsheets’ popular products. The companies offered a showcase of Sportsheets’ flagship product, Under the Bed Restraint Kit.

“Working with Sexyland at Sexpo offers us a special occasion to meet consumers directly and hear what they enjoy or what they might like to see from their favorite brand,” Poe said. “And Sportsheets gets a chance to show them how easy, affordable and fun our brands are. Sportsheets is all about connecting with people, hearing their stories, and learning about what’s valuable to the end user — it keeps us on our toes and at the top of our game!”

Sportsheets says it maintains a long-standing successful relationship with Sexyland and values opportunities like Sexpo to support its customers in the growth of its brands at the retail level.

“The Australian market is vibrant, curious and open to new ideas,” Poe said. “From our branding partners and their staff, to the wholesale customer and especially the end user, we’ve found Aussies to be incredibly effective collaborators. Sex in the Shower is especially strong in Australia, as is Sex & Mischief and Sportsheets Premium brands. Every market has a different mindset and is attracted to products and brands that speak to them and their unique needs. It’s wonderful to experience this of the Australian market firsthand.”