Angela White Appears in ABC 2's 'The Vagina Diaries'

MELBOURNE — Adult starlet Angela White appears in the ABC 2 documentary “The Vagina Diaries” about the rising trend of labioplasty in Australia, premiering tonight at 9:30 p.m.   

Labioplasty, a surgical procedure that reduces the size of a woman’s labia minora, is gaining popularity in Australia and around the world. While the operation is sometimes undergone for medical reasons (e.g. chafing, discomfort) it’s often sought for cosmetic qualms.

Freshly minted 2014 XBIZ Trophy Girl White explains in a blog post that she guests on the show not because she has undergone the procedure — “I’m very happy with my vulva and don’t intend on cutting up something that brings me so much pleasure” — but because people often accuse porn of arousing vaginal dissatisfaction in women.

According to her, such an accusation couldn’t be further from the truth.  

“Many of the top performers, like Alexis Texas and Anikka Albrite, actually have large labia minora, and they are fucking delicious at that,” White wrote. “Having a nip-n-tucked pussy is not a requirement to be a popular porn performer. The real issue here is censorship.”

She explains that the censorship laws in Australia require publishers to Photoshop labia minora to a minimum in order to sell magazines in something called the Unrestricted category in stores.

“Australia’s Classification Guidelines state that: ‘[r]ealistic depictions [of the vulva] may contain discreet genital detail but there should be no genital emphasis,’” White wrote. “Or, as they put it in the magazine industry, the pussy must be ‘healed to a single crease.’ Since the Unrestricted category is available for purchase by people over the age of 15 years, adolescent males and females who access those publications are only exposed to digital-designer-vaginas. At least Internet pornography provides a broader overview of female genitalia.”

Offering a fascinating example of differing sexual attitudes across cultures, White describes how a recent shoot she appeared in was edited to fit the respective specifications of the countries where it was released: in Germany graphic artists added thick pubic hair to hide her labia minora; in Japan the entire vagina was pixilated; in the U.S. her pussy was left as-is; and in Australia her labia minora were “pulled together.”

In the doc, presenter Nat Harris also interviews doctors, a surgeon, a sexual health advocate and “Louise”, a 19 year old, who is about to have the operation.

For more information about “Opening Shot: The Vagina Diaries,” click here or watch the SFW trailer on YouTube.