'ThaiFest' Novelty Expo Set for February

Bob Johnson

THAILAND — The second annual “ThaiFest” 2014 adult novelty expo is set to run Feb. 14-20, at the Khao Lak Seaview Resort & Spa in the Kingdom of Thailand, the organizers Astkol-Alfa Ltd. announced today.

The producers said the show brings together novelty manufacturers and distributors interested in working in the burgeoning Russian sex toy market and fills an information void about trends and sales techniques.

Executives of manufacturing companies, chain retailers, stores, service companies and the media will be in attendance.

“Over the different shows which take place all over Russia, the exhibitors do not have enough time to discuss the details with all the customers,” Leonid Fishman, owner of Astkol-Alfa Ltd. said.

He added, “That is why we decided to gather all in one place (one sea), both the manufacturers and the retailers, so that everyone could feel at ease and had the opportunity to reach each other, to learn about each other and to speak about everything. Those who are more experienced boasted of their successes. The beginners listened making mental notes. The manufacturers received all kind of feedback on their products — something that they would never hear within the framework of formal show. ThaiFest provided so many micro and macro situations which no one could even imagine.”

The first ThaiFest was widely accepted from vendors including Topco Sales, CalExotics and more, according to the producers.

"It was an honor to be a part of the 1st annual Asktol ThaiFest. The overwhelming response to our products is exciting and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with Astkol and our Russian retailers in 2013. Everyone came prepared and were enthusiastic about our product selection,” CalExotics’ Lupe Martinez, said.

She added, “We enjoyed connecting with the Russian retailers. Such a great group of people who were professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. It far exceeded my expectations. Every aspect of this event was thought out and well organized. All the customers were very receptive to our product line and their feedback was valuable and appreciated."

Show sponsors to date include: Topco Sales, Shirley of Hollywood, MD Science Lab, Sportsheets International , DanaLife (Denmark), Softland Sp.z.o.o. (Poland), Eau Zone Huiles & Fragrances (Shunga) (Canada), Leloi AB (Sweden), Korea Toy (South Korea), CostumeShop (Russia), Svakom (China), Diogol (France), Inverma (Germany), HOT (Austria), Baile (China), and Rosparfum (Russia).

“ThaiFest was a great opportunity for Topco Sales to meet directly with some of the most successful Russian retailers to better understand what they need to prosper in the novelty industry. Our expectations were more than fulfilled. Topco Sales was honored to be part of the Astkol family. We met the retailers, learned about their needs and concerns, marketed our items to the retailers and answered their questions face to face,”  Topco’s Alina Oniga, said.

For more information about the expo call Astkol-Alfa Ltd.at +7(495)787-98-83, or email mdv@astkol.com, or pmv@astkol.com.