PornHub Infographic Shows How World Events Affect Traffic

CYBERSPACE — A new interactive infographic from PornHub has broken down just how world events affect traffic to its site.

Claiming more than 1 billion visits per month, PornHub said its statisticians measured the impact of visitors to its site during major worldwide events.

“The stats show that people pull themselves away from their favorite website just long enough to watch things like the Olympics, the World Series, Presidential elections etc. We can form this conclusion based upon the actual drops in traffic to PornHub during these events in different regions throughout the world. We also observed that traffic spikes as soon as the event ends and we’re here to welcome you with open arms, ”PornHub said.

For example,Thanksgiving Day is the most non-porn day of the year for the web giant. In 2012, PornHub use dropped 29 percent in the U.S., but jumped up 7 percent after the turkey on Black Friday.

Christmas Day saw an overall decrease of 22 percent around the world — except in Japan where the numbers were flat.

And New Year’s Eve 2012 registered the biggest drop in traffic around the globe, with the U.S. down 34 percent, Brazil down 36 percent, France down 60 percent, and Argentina down a whopping 70 percent.

It appears as though real sex trumped online sex during Valentine's Day 2013 when PornHub traffic dropped 8 percent in the U.S and 5 percent worldwide, accordng to PornHub numbers.

Tech geeks also left their screens long enough for an Apple high during the iPhone 5 release date. U.S. and U.K. PornHub traffic was down 5 percent, Canada was down 9 percent, and France and Germany were both down 7 percent.

The data also revealed some other interesting international results. The Olympic opening ceremonies in the U.K. stole the scene from British porn hounds, logging in a 27 percent drop in traffic, compared to the U.S. traffic where porn use actually spiked 2 percent.

When Osama Bin Laden was killed, 7 percent of Americans stopped accessing the site, but 10 percent of Americans embraced their sex fix when people believed the Mayan Calendar meant the world was ending.