The pjur Group Debuts New POS Materials

Bob Johnson

WASSEBILLING, Luxembourg — The pjur Group announced today new POS materials for the holiday business season.

The materials include packaging designed for pjur's new 2-ml sachets of pjur Cool, pjur Espresso, pjur Woman Nude and the silicone-based and new water-based variants of pjur Back Door and pjur Analyse-me products.

Pjur said the front side of the packaging features an exact image of the 100 ml bottles that lets customers get an idea of what the product looks like on the shelf, or at the online store.

Another is the pjur Counter Display cardboard that includes an appropriate design for each target group, available in three different variants. The Counter Display cardboard is made of high grade, flexible material, so that it can be sent without in simple, DinA4 envelopes and used flexibly. The display can be placed on surfaces such as a counter or small shelves. Either 16 100-ml bottles or up to 12 cartons can be integrated including pjur Sprays or pjur med lubricants.

The third item is a sales tool developed specially for the Sexy Six. It is a hexagonal display with information and graphics on the six new products. Pjur said the innovative design attracts attention, and that customers are provided with valuable additional information.

In addition to these POS materials, pjur said it has reclassified its products. All pjur lubricants, sprays, condoms and cleaning products are now divided into six categories: “Sex and Massage,” “Anal Play,“ “Fetish and Scene,” “Stimulation & Toys,” “Hygiene and Safety,” and “Carefree Sexuality” that make it easier find what’s best for a customer.

The company has also created six corresponding flyers that can be displayed and used to train employees.