Jackman: Search Engines Are Just Posturing

LONDON — U.K. adult industry attorney Myles Jackman on Monday accused search engines of not doing anything new to filter out child porn on current affairs and entertainment TV show "Daybreak."

Jackman said the search engines were just "advertising" measures to prevent publication of lewd images of children but not actually applying workable filters.

The attorney, who specializes in porn and obscenity offenses at Hodge, Jones and Allen in London, said algorithms currently used to filter out "obscene" images of children are so ineffective that it screened out his law blog "as pornography, despite being purely text based."

Jackman warned "Daybreak" viewers that what is on the table now is not satisfactory.

"One of the problems ... is what searches are going to be prohibited and whether it is under or over-exclusive," Jackman said. "In other words whether things that shouldn't be filtered out will be and things that should won't be."

Jackman spoke earlier this fall on the "War on Porn" panel and at Sex & Censorship's town hall rally at XBIZ EU.