Number of L.A. County Adult Film Permits Plummet in 2013

Rhett Pardon

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition says that, according to information provided from film permitting agency FilmLA, only 24 permits for adult film productions in Los Angeles County have been filed in 2013.

That number is down significantly — 95 percent — from 480 permits filed by this time last year and prior to last November’s passage of Measure B, the county’s condom mandate for adult film productions.

The FSC says that this means that, with an average cost of $1,000 in fees for each permit, L.A. County has lost approximately $456,000 in revenue.

“We predicted that lost jobs and revenue would be one of the results of AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s misguided attempts to police the adult industry,” FSC CEO Diane Duke said. “As a result of the passage of Measure B, hundreds of thousands of dollars in permit fees have gone elsewhere — and that does not take into consideration the jobs and vendor revenues that have followed the productions out of L.A. County and for some companies, out of the state of California entirely.”