Huge Ape Media Relocates to Former Playboy Building

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Huge Ape Media, a leading adult marketing and technology company, has announced that it has moved into a new L.A. office on Sunset Blvd. and has relaunched the company’s corporate site.

Huge Ape started as an affiliate marketing team and now offers strategic marketing and optimization services, as well as business consulting specifically for the adult industry. 

The company’s new location is in West Hollywood off Sunset Blvd. The building, formerly known as "the Playboy building," once housed Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Club.

“We’re excited to be in a location that is closer to the heart of our industry,” Huge Ape Vice President Jimmy told XBIZ. “The space is amazing, the location is amazing — it was a no brainer for us to be right in the center of entertainment. We’ve come a long way from being a concept and literally starting out in a one-room office as an idea in 2005.”

Huge Ape has two locations in the U.S. The other office is located in Orange County, Calif.

“Everything we do is strategic,” Jimmy explained. “Being located in O.C. allows us access to the technical staff, while having an office in L.A. exposes us to a targeted client base and adult entertainment professionals.”

The company says its website has also been relaunched with a “more aggressive look and feel.” To check it out, visit

Huge Ape made industry news when it signed an operating partnership agreement with adult entertainment tech conglomerate, Gamma Entertainment. The two have worked in growth and strategy since 2010, and are currently involved in joint venture projects.