SLS Specialty Now Shipping Nasstoys Products

Bob Johnson

HOUSTON — SLS Specialty is now shipping more than 500 top-selling sex toys, novelties and intimate accessories from the Nasstoys brand, the company announced today.

Featuring a selection of some of the manufacturer’s most popular products at competitive price points, this new inventory addition is being celebrated with a month-long “Dealicious” discount for new and existing customers.

The company said that now with its larger facility, it was able to accommodate customers’ requests for more of Nasstoys’ key and staple products, including: the Anal-Ese Cream; My First Anal mini-vibes; All American Whoppers Real Skin dongs; and China Shrink Cream tightening agent for both men and women.

All Nasstoys items are available to new customers at 30 percent off, with an additional 10 percent discount for existing customers. The “Dealicious” sale ends Nov. 30.

“Thanks to our new larger warehouse, we have the capacity to bring vast catalogs like this to our loyal customers,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson, said. “Nasstoys is an industry pioneer and remains a creator of some of the most consistently popular products priced right for broad consumer appeal. We’re proud to finally have them on board.”

For ordering information, call (866) 379-2699 or email