CineKink Announces 'Bring It!' Adult Cinema Showcase Deadline

RAHWAY, N.J. — CineKink announced today that the deadline for film entries for its 2014 “Bring It!” adult cinema showcase is Nov. 15 with final postmark of Dec. 12.

As part of the “Pornopalooza” programming sidebar, “Bring It!” is an adult industry/porn showcase, held in February, 2014 during the annual “kinky film festival" in New York.

“Bring It!” is seeking films and videos, 10-25 minutes in length, which explore and celebrate a wide diversity of sexuality, with specific emphasis on and from the adult film industry. Submissions may also be excerpts from longer works. The offerings are intended to serve as a sampler of what styles of works are being created by current filmmakers in the adult industry. A winner will be selected from the “Bring It!” showcase, determined by audience vote.

“Since modern-day porn wasn’t created with a theatrical audience in mind, we began excerpting adult works as a way to share those films with our audience in a way they would more easily appreciate,” Lisa Vandever, CineKink co-founder and director, said.

She added, “We’ve started to review some great submissions from the adult industry; we’d like to remind those who have yet to submit that though the final deadline is a month away, with the holidays, time will fly by fast.”

The organizers said there is no restriction on production completion dates, as long as the work is completed at the time of submission. International submissions in most overseas formats are also accepted. While the regular deadline is Nov. 15, the final postmark deadline for submissions is Dec. 12. For more information and details on entry submissions, click here.

CineKink’s “Pornopalooza” programming, in addition to the “Bring It!” screenings, also will include works about porn and porn making, as well as panel discussions.

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