NETbilling Adds New Hosted Payment Form Features

VALENCIA, Calif. — NETbilling announced today that its Hosted Payment Form has been updated to allow expanded support for custom HTML fields.

The company said that as PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards for merchants progressively become more stringent, merchants are requesting more flexible payment form solutions using their PCI compliant secure servers to store and serve the forms to your customers.

NETbilling's new Mobile Form Template is specifically designed for mobile based browsers including iOS 7, Safari, Android and other mobile browsers is now included in its Hosted Payment Form and can be fully customized as well.

Some of the benefits of the benefits include: extended support for HTML input — HTML, Javascript,  jQuery, and CSS; custom images that avoid browser security warnings; general fields that can be replaced with their corresponding values or html snippets; HTML with special attributes that can be dynamically populated on the payment form; and conditional expressions that can be used to display HTML only if the indicated condition is met

In addition, the company announced new customized sales and membership email receipt options. Transaction receipts and member welcome emails can now be configured to use HTML syntax. This allows merchants to maintain similar design elements across all email actions listed in the NETbilling administration area "Emails" configuration page.

Detailed instructions of all of the above listed features are available to all NETbilling merchants and can be obtained by contacting the NETbilling support department or customer care.