EroAdvertising Announces New Ad Publishing Features

Bob Johnson

OSS, The Netherlands — EroAdvertising announced today new ad features and functionalities for online publishers.

The company said that byusing its new technology,  publishers can show their own banner ads, iFrames and ad codes, per country.

In the event the network shows no CPM ads, the new feature will use a “fall back system” where publishers can use their own ads to be shown in unsold ad-spots. The company noted that in this way there is never any empty ad space, hence less waste of both time and money. This feature can be used for both high and low quality countries or for individual countries.

EroAdvertising explained that the new feature supports iFrames, HTML codes and normal banner uploads. The banners are served using a CDN (content delivery network), ensuring fast and reliable delivery.

Publishers may upload as many ads as needed. Additionally, setting a weight for rotation is an option. Full access to advanced statistics is included. Publishers can also determine their own minimum CPM.

“When using multiple systems in online advertising, much time is spent figuring out all of the different statistics, invoices and so on. This new feature makes the use and maintenance of external ad software and scripts obsolete. All ads can now be easily managed using only the EroAdvertising network. Managing ads and traffic for many sites has never been so easy. Using EroAdvertising, publishers can run their entire network of traffic sites, all links to various affiliate programs and also ads from EroAdvertising advertisers in one single system,” CEO Jan Huibers, said.

He added, "Innovation and usability are our key USPs. We are always focused on creating new user-friendly technologies that make complicated processes more efficient."

For more information and demonstrations, contact a local account manager by emailing or by visiting