DIY ‘Erotic Engineering’ Tool HackOff Launches

DENVER — XTremeOrgasmatronics, announced the release of the HackOff, a DIY sex toy motor control board that allows users to create vibration patterns for their own sex toys.

“The real revolution here is usability,” said Doctor X. Treme, CEO of the science-focused sex toy manufacturing company.

XTremeOrgasmatronics co-founder and CMO Lady Alexandra Ars adds, “The HackOff makes it easy for anyone to break into sex toy hacking, even a non-tech savvy artist like me. I’ve never programmed anything in my life, but after one session with the HackOff tutorial I’m already creating vibrator patterns on my own.

“In our demonstration video we teach a webcam model with no previous electronics experience to hack a bullet vibrator in less than 10 minutes. Using the HackOff, even an amatuer DIYer can hack almost any vibrator and write programs for themselves or a lover,” she continued.

According to the company, for experienced engineers and makers, the HackOff speeds up the process of hacking a sex toy.

 “People will tell you that building a circuit to control a vibrator is easy,” Dr. X. said. “But actually doing it can be a gigantic pain in the ass and lead to burned out MOSFETS, blown Arduino’s, and hours of shopping. I built the HackOff because I found myself wasting time and wanted a single, simple solution.”

The HackOff is made of four parts: a MOSFET (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor), two resistors, and a diode.

 “But that's a huge reduction in work and complexity, putting this in reach for almost everyone and making it easier and faster for experts,” Dr. X. said.

The HackOff is available from for $19.99. It comes with access to online video instruction. It is compatible with the Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform, and most vibrators.

For a video and instructions for “How to Hack a Vibrator,” click here.