Interviews Carol Queen

John Sanford

BOSTON —, an erotica site for women, has just released an exclusive interview with Carol Queen.

Queen is an American author, editor, sociologist and sexologist active in the sex-positive feminist movement. She has written about human sexuality in books such as Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture. publisher Angie Rowntree conducted the video interview with the renowned sexologist at a cafe in mid-October in Boston. During the one-hour conversation, they discussed a wide variety of sexuality topics ranging from current "sex issues" in society, the increased mainstream censorship of adult materials, the history of the female orgasm (including a lively conversation about "hysteria") and the invention and development of the vibrator.

Queen tells a bit about her career as a sexologist and activist, saying “I’ve been writing since I was a kid, though have only focused on sex since I became fascinated by sex. I write spanning many genres, almost always to inform or involve as well as to entertain, and when I’m not writing, I teach, talk, and produce events about sex in my capacities as lecturer, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, and founding director of the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco.

"I’ve authored, edited, or co-edited eleven books, winning awards for PoMoSexuals (a Lammy) and The Leather Daddy & The Femme (a Firecracker Alternative Book Award). I’m about to see a re-release of my first book (from 1995), Exhibitionism for the Shy, and I’m slowly working on a memoir. Pretty much all my anthologized work is listed on my home page. I’m also on the board of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, dedicated to the premise that sexual freedom is a fundamental human right, and this year I'm serving as a judge for the Sex-Positive Journalism Awards.”

“I've admired Carol Queen and her advocacy work for years, and was delighted to get a chance to sit down for a chat with her," Rowntree said. “Carol is funny, on-point and has a real grasp of the issues in current sex in society issues from her past 25-plus years as a sexologist and outspoken pundit, lecturer and author.”

The three-part interview is available, free of charge, on news and commentary site,