Holiday Products Picks Up ‘Cocaine’ Energy Drink

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Holiday Products has announced an exclusive distribution agreement in the adult market for “Cocaine” high caffeine energy shot.

“Holiday is a perfect fit for us,” Redux Beverages founder Jamey Kirby said. “We were looking for a stronger presence in the adult market and after several recommendations and discussions with Ken Sahn at Holiday, it became an easy decision.”

The Cocaine Energy Shot is a sugar-free shot that contains 280 MG of caffeine per dose. According to the company, the formulation mitigates the undesirable effects of that hefty caffeine content — such as heart palpitations and jitters — with the inclusion of d-ribose, a balancing amino acid.

The shot has a cherry flavor that's devoid of strong medicinal taste and provides all-day energy. The product is defined as a dietary supplement according to FDA guidelines and meets all state and federal regulations for dietary supplements, the company says.

The Cocaine Energy Shot is made in the U.S., “using only premium supplements and ingredients.”

Ken Sahn, vice president of Holiday Products said, “This is very exciting. I have had a display on my desk for several weeks and everyone does a double-take when they walk by. More importantly, those that sampled the product loved it. Between the name and the quality… put a display by a register and it will fly out the door!”

For more information, click here. To place an order call Holiday Products at (800) 266-5969, or email