Alana Evans Forms CreamWorks

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Married porn stars Alana and Chris Evans have created their own adult production studio called CreamWorks Films. Performing in adult films for a combined 10 years, the couple said the creation of CreamWorks is a dream come true.

The couple’s first project “Pick ‘Em Young,” which just wrapped, features Alana performing with 18-21 year old males who have never performed on camera before. Chris directs the series, and they both recruited new male performers through MySpace.

The pair will divide responsibilities running the company, with Alana focusing more on producing and casting, while Chris plans to direct and edit. Both will perform with other actors.

On KSEX Radio, Alana announced her plans for a second series that will focus on female domination.

“The series will be based on other girls dominating, running the show and telling everyone exactly what to do and how to do it,” Evans told KSEX Radio host Jason Sechrest. “That series is going to be called ‘Alpha Bitch.’”

CreamWorks films are distributed by Cinderella Media, and under the terms of the deal, the production company will release one title per month, before ramping up to two.

Alana entered the industry in 1998 and has performed in more than 300 videos.