Calvista Now Distributing Rocks-Off 'Lal Hardy' Vibes

MELBOURNE, Australia — Calvista has launched the new “Erotic Ink Collection” line by Rocks-Off, featuring bullet vibrators designed by popular U.K. tattoo artist Lal Hardy.

The limited edition vibes consist of 10-speed and seven-speed gold metallic plated RO160, RO120 and RO80 bullet vibrators sporting Hardy tattoo designs.

Calvista said the products debuted at the ETO show in the U.K., ANME in Los Angeles, and at the recent Erofame in Hannover, Germany.

Rocks-Off noted that it has been working closely on the Erotic Ink range with Hardy, who is a familiar figure on the international tattoo scene, and secretary of The Association of Professional Tattoo Artists for 15 years.

Hardy is the owner of the celebrity-driven New Wave Studio in London, has written books, is a regular contributor to publications and has also appeared and advised on numerous TV shows.

“When the opportunity came for me to work with Rocks-Off to both design and be involved with their Erotic Ink vibes it really gave me huge buzz and with that in mind I know they give everyone who’s uses them an even bigger buzz,” Hardy said.

The vibes will soon be available for pre-sale in Australia and New Zealand.

“The Erotic Ink range really ties in with the tattoo culture of aesthetic artistry and attention to detail. It’s a great addition to Calvista’s range and will be in high demand amongst consumers, these are truly beautiful and pleasurable items to own and to show off,"  Calvista CEO Michael Bassett, said.

For more information on the line, call 1800 012 221 or email