Buck Angel Documentary Coming to DVD

Lila Gray

PHILADELPHIA, PA - QC Cinema has announced a Dec. 3 DVD release of “Mr. Angel,” a new documentary that tracks the life and times of transgender porn star, advocate and educator, Buck Angel.

Featuring interviews with talk show host Tyra Banks, author and columnist Dan Savage, sexologists Lux Alptraum and Tristan Taormino, porn mogul Michael Lucas and former adult star Sasha Grey, “Mr. Angel” premiered at the 2013 South by Southwest Film Festival, and has since screened at Philadelphia QFest, Atlanta LGBT Film Festival, Inside Out Toronto, Rio International Film Festival, London Gay and the Lesbian Film Festival, among other places.

Filmmaker Dan Hunt, who helmed the feature-length documentary, said that it explores Buck's story “to understand the complexities of someone who overcame incredible obstacles,” including addiction, homelessness, suicide and opposition to his gender expression to eventually find love with his partner Elayne Angel.

“‘Mr. Angel’ is an inspirational story of rare perseverance and an unlikely hero,” Hunt wrote on the Kickstarter campaign page for the movie. Hunt was able to raise $9,826 through the campaign, far exceeding his goal of $6,000.  

Angel says in the film, “It hasn’t been easy for people to take me serious, as someone who has something important to say, because of being a porn star. But it’s ok — I’m going to break through, I will.”  

The DVD release of “Mr. Angel” will include deleted scenes, reflections from Buck’s family and colleagues and other bonus features.

To watch the SFW trailer on YouTube, click here.