Puma Swede Releases Her Autobiography in English

Lila Gray

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult star Puma Swede has announced that her autobiography "Puma Swede, My Life as a Porn Star" has been released in English.

Previously only available in Swedish, the 284-page book, published by Lind & Co., chronicles Swede’s life, spanning from her childhood in Sweden to her rise as a porn star. The book details Swede's eclectic experiences in the industry and out — including Hollywood parties, helicopter sex (as seen on TMZ), drug adventures in Amsterdam, and celebrity encounters.

"I was flattered by the huge response my book got in Sweden," Swede said. "I was not sure how people were going to react."

The book is available through iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, Copia, Baker & Taylor and eBookPie. It can still be purchased in Swedish and there are plans to release the book in more languages next year, a sales rep said.

The release of "My Life as a Pornstar" brought Puma mainstream attention in Sweden, where she was even asked to speak at a high school about sex.

"Sex education in schools is almost nonexistent, something mentioned in my book. It was a great opportunity to teach kids the difference between the sex they see in a porn movie and real life,” she said, adding, “We spent a lot of time translating the book into English and adding more details and text. I can't wait for fans in the U.S.A. and elsewhere to check it out."

To celebrate the English release of her book, as well as the Halloween holiday, Puma Swede is offering a special membership rate of $19.95 this week for her official site, PumaSwede.com.