Leaf+ Now in Stock, Ready to Ship

Ariana Rodriguez

TORONTO — BMS Factory says its new Leaf+ collection has arrived at its warehouse and is beginning the process of fulfilling all current orders.

The company says Leaf+ builds on the success of the flagship Leaf line with a new PowerBullet motor built from the ground up and new functions.

“We understand that a product needs to be excellent for it to do well. That's a basic fact,” said Steve Bannister, president of BMS Factory. “Be assured that on top of the high quality standards we have always had and will continue to have for our products, Leaf+ is designed to stand out in the crowd. The idea behind it, the product, and the box are beautiful.”

For those who have sold Leaf in the past and have acrylic displays, BMS has conversion kits available for the new Leaf+.

The Leaf+ website is being worked on and will be up and running soon, the company said. Product photos are available here.  

For more information and pricing, contact a BMS representative or BMS distributor.