Orion Wholesale Now Distributing Liberator Products

ATLANTA, GA — Orion Wholesale announced today that it will distribute the Liberator line of Bedroom Adventure Gear to the European markets.

While attending the 2013 eroFame trade show in Hanover, Germany, Liberator showcased its select products that will be distributed by Orion, along with its new eco-friendly packaging.

The packaging implements vacuum compression technology to remove 98 percent of the air from its foam-based positioning shapes, Liberator says. The Liberator line is now offered in appealing point-of-purchase packaging that is 60 percent smaller, thereby reducing inbound shipping costs.

Louis Friedman, Liberator's president, CEO and founder, said: "We are very excited that Orion Wholesale is now offering Liberator products to the European markets. Since our inception 11 years ago, Liberator has dominated the American market in this brand category, and now we're about to expand our reach even further with Orion Wholesale as our distribution partner for Europe."

"We are delighted with this new deal and look forward to helping Liberator develop new channels of distribution in Europe, while bringing our customers this whole new category of innovative products,” Orion's Sven Jacobsen said.

To order Liberator products from Orion Wholesale, call 0461 5040 210, email hchristiansen@orion.de or visit www.Orion-Grosshandel.com.