Marc Dorcel Debuts 'Anissa Kate, the Widow'

PARIS — Marc Dorcel announced today the studio’s latest release, “Anissa Kate, the Widow.”

The Hervé Bodilis-directed film centers on a wealthy and mysterious widow’s sexual adventures and intrigue after she inherits her deceased husband’s financial empire.

“Although it is seldom used in adult films because sex and death do not greatly get along together, I am very attached to this theme, as one of my first emotions as a porn viewer came while watching Marc Dorcel’s great movie, 'The Lady in Black," Bodilis told XBIZ. "Therefore I got deeply and personally implicated in this project, and I saw it like a challenge to be at least as good as Dorcel’s 'Lady in Black,' which was a reference for the movie. However, The widow is really modern and rooted in its era.”

In addition to Kate in the starring role, the cast includes Melanie Menphis, Tarra White and Claire Castel.

Dorcel said the six-scene movie includes deep throats, anal fucking, threesomes, large breasts, double penetration, and facial cum shots.

“Through these incredible hard core yet chic scenes, you will quickly realize that Anissa's desires are insatiable,” Dorcel said.

Run time for the film is 122 minutes and streets Nov. 1.