Lucas Entertainment Star Rejects Plea Deal Over Scuffle

NEW YORK  — Gay porn star Richard Caswell, aka Vito Gallo, refused to cop a plea in Manhattan Criminal Court over his alleged attack on Lucas Entertainment studios last September.

Cops arrested Caswell, who has a three-year exclusive deal with Lucas, after he reportedly pushed his way into the studio’s Hell’s Kitchen headquarters, claiming he wasn’t getting enough work. He then struck Michael Lucas in the neck and shoulder.

Video footage caught the melee on camera.

“He just stormed into our offices and started beating people up,” Lucas told the NY Post.  “Several people locked themselves into the editing suite. You had to see his eyes the veins bulging on his forehead. It was scary.”

At that time, the star was taken into custody and charged with trespassing.

During Monday's hearing, Caswell could have admitted to disorderly conduct instead of trespassing if he attended anger management classes. 

Caswell said his time in jail was a nightmare, exacerbated by his skin-tight pink T-shirt. “Wearing pink to jail isn’t ideal,” Caswell said. “I got a lot of looks.”

Despite the brouhaha, Caswell was not charged with assault and Lucas said he’d love to have him work again if he seeks anger management and sees a shrink.

We were using him all the time,” Lucas said. “He’s very popular, he’s very good looking and he’s one of my top four performers.”

Caswell’s lawyer Mark Bederow, declined to comment to the Post.