Nori Fields Sees Spurt in Nuru Massage Popularity

LOS ANGELES — Nori Fields Co., a pioneering American brand of nuru massage gel and accessories, says it is enthused by the growth of the nuru massage products marketplace.

Noting the recent release of Wet’s new Nuru Body-On-Body Massage Gel line, Nori Fields CEO Orit Benzaquen said that niche market newcomers serve as proof that demand for such products is on the rise.

"Magic Gel has been in the U.S. market for five years, with a rapidly growing audience in the U.K., France, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia,” Benzaquen said. “Further interest from other manufacturers to follow our lead, only reiterates the nuru massage trend is here to stay."

Nori Fields founders say that above all, they are passionate about the nuru massage technique known as body-to-body slide. “It is all about breaking the ‘sex in bed’ paradigm, and providing with a visually striking experience for the couple, it is adventurous and fun sex, in form of a sophisticated Slip N’ Slide.”

According to the company, fans of nuru massage are found online viewing clips on sites such as The company said user demographics include couples and professional masseuses.

Magic Gel’s Concentrate Nuru Gel is available in a 4-oz. jar and makes up to 40 ounces of nuru massage gel.