ExoClick Named as Top 10 'Retargeting' Company

BARCELONA — ExoClick this month was named as one of the top 10 best "retargeting" companies by Topppcs.com, an independent authority on paid search marketing vendors.

Each month, Toppcs performs an analysis and reporting on the best retargeting companies around the world, aiming to uncover the most efficient organizations that deliver the top solutions and best experience for customers in paid search.

Retargeting means targeting specific users who have already shown some interest in a certain product or brand.  While about 2 percent of possible buyers will actually complete their purchase on the first visit; retargeting brings back the other 98 percent.

With Toppcs, companies are chosen based on merit and performance results, which are analyzed in the evaluation process. Thousands of paid search marketing firms are put to the test and only the best ones are highlighted in the ranking.
“It is another great result and much appreciated recognition for our teams’ hard work and the passion in which we operate so to provide the best service and solutions for our clients, who we would like to thank once again our for their trust in us,” said Benjamin Fonzé, CEO and founder of ExoClick.

ExoClick recently broke a record of 3 billion ad impressions per day, re-confirming its position as one of the leading and fastest growing ad network in the world, Fonzé said.

ExoClick, founded in 2006, provides online advertising services to both advertisers and publishers worldwide, for both web and mobile channels.