Nalpac to Debut Liberator Eco-Compressed Bedroom Adventure Gear

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac will debut Liberator’s complete product line in space saving packaging and new retail point-of-purchase displays.

Liberator is using vacuum compression to remove 98 percent of the air from its positioning shapes and sex furniture. According to the company’s CEO, the technology will allow even the smaller Liberator Shapes to be shipped with ease, in a box that is approximately 68 percent smaller than their previous packaging. Each item is packaged to be discreet and is designed for any retail environment.

“We are very excited to be at this juncture helping to develop new channels of distribution with this proven product line and incredible new packaging,” Nalpac CEO Ralph Caplan said. “With less space for shipping and more space for retail display, Liberator can now be offered in smaller shops, lingerie stores, and even by mass market retailers.”

Nalpac says lines such as Lelo Insignia Smart Wand, SI Exxxtreme Sheets and The Official Fifty Shades of Grey fetish collection, which it offers, complement the Liberator collection.