Tantus Gives Its Larger Toys a 'Softer' Touch

SPARKS, Nevada —Tantus has announced that it will be making significant changes to its collection of larger toys, previously known as the Cowboy Line, by manufacturing them from a softer silicone.

The company says it was inspired by the feedback its team received at their latest visit to Catalyst Con.

“After prototyping our larger toys in a softer silicone, we have had an overwhelming positive response and a desire from consumers to focus and continue our efforts towards manufacturing our larger products in a softer material,” said Jenna Clark, Tantus Customer Service Coordinator.

As a result, Tantus’ large products The Cowboy, Cisco, Hoss, Mr. Universe and Tex will all be poured in a softer silicone — a change that will take effect immediately.   

“It is incumbent for Tantus as a socially responsible manufacturer to listen to our consumers and deliver a product that is designed to deliver pleasure and satisfaction, yet is also ergonomically correct,” Clark added. “Manufacturing our larger toys in a softer silicone will deliver that effect.”

The company notes that the change will compliment the large toys’ ergonomic shapes that are already designed to be more pliable to the human body and provide optimal comfort.