Sportsheets Signs Tristan Taormino as Brand Ambassador

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Sportsheets has tapped sex educator, author and radio host Tristan Taormino as its new brand ambassador.

The company said that Taormino will showcase its soft bondage and sexual positioning accessories to fans and help promote the company’s sex-positive message through radio spots, product placement, workshops and more.

“It’s an honor to have Tristan represent the Sportsheets brand through this exciting new endeavor and work with a progressive writer and educator respected by so many people,” Sportsheets President Julie Stewart, said. “This is a unique opportunity for us as we continue to put a special focus on the educational side of pleasure product sales.”

Starting this month, Taormino will begin hawking Sportsheets products through a variety of high-traffic channels. On her popular VoiceAmerica radio show “Sex Out Loud,” Taormino will give away a Sportsheets item to one lucky listener each week and suggest branded items to listeners looking to explore BDSM play.

In addition, Taormino’s series of educational films produced by Adam & Eve will feature a variety of Sportsheets accessories, and upcoming college seminars will include free product giveaways.

“My fans appreciate sexual adventure, kinky sex and sex-positive companies that promote education and Sportsheets is a perfect fit,” Taormino said. “The company is made up of great people dedicated to making quality products and promoting them in a sex-positive way. And the team has demonstrated a real commitment to bringing people closer together through sexual exploration. Plus their products actually work and are accessible to and affordable for people from different walks of life.”

Taormino will also promote the brand at various public appearances, workshops and lectures inspired by the steady demand for more BDSM and kink-themed workshops. “Students are really hungry for education about this area of sexuality and it’s exciting to be able to give them quality tools to help them explore it,” Taormino said.

The adult personality has also been tapped to provide educational content for Sportsheets upcoming website revamp to support the brand’s continued commitment to providing sex-positive tools to its consumers.

“This is an exciting time to be an adult product manufacturer as society has never been more comfortable with sexuality and its significance in modern society,” Sportsheets CEO Tom Stewart, said. “We’re helping to inspire a whole new way of intimate thinking and partnering with Tristan, an esteemed member of the sex education field, is the perfect catalyst.”