Sex Toy Thief Leaves DNA at the Scene of the Crime

Lila Gray

SOUTH TYNESIDE, U.K. — Sex toy thief Stephen Smith forgot one of the essential rules for conducting robbery in a forensics-bound world: don’t leave your blood at the scene of the crime.

Smith reportedly broke into Secret Fantasies Lingerie in Sept., stealing sex toys, amyl nitrate (AKA poppers) and underwear. When the police arrived, the store was empty when they arrived at 2 a.m. on Sept. 10 — save a few drops of blood on the counter and a bloody tissue found in the store.

A DNA test conducted on the blood samples matched 48-year-old Smith. Smith was arrested and pleaded guilty to theft, but claimed he only took two sex toys and two bottles of poppers.

“The goods weren’t recovered, but even if they had been, I don’t think they would have been suitable for resale,” said Christopher Brown, who defended Smith.

The sex shop’s owner insisted that more than £180 of adult merchandise was stolen.

Smith, who has been previously charged with shoplifting and harassing his ex-girlfriend, was sentenced to four months in jail.