‘Massera’ Massager Brand Reports Strong Response Within Adult Market

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES — Personal massage brand Massera has reported a strong market response to its 12-piece line of hand-held massagers since its July debut.

Introduced and managed by industry liaison XR Brands, Massera, the two companies have partnered to help retailers present the “Art of Swedish Massage” to even more shoppers across the country.

“We’re quite impressed by the strong response that Massera has received among distributors and buyers – especially the wide varieties of stores that have caught onto this growing category,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “Since the developers of Massera are rooted in mass retail, it was a natural transition to bring this line into adult.”

Adult distributors SLS Specialty, SexToyDistributing,com, Honey’s Place and Williams Trading picked up the line and are bringing adult stores the fully-merchandised series.

"Massera is the first mainstream-branded professional massager collection to come to adult and combine Brookstone-worthy vibrations with modern retail-friendly packaging," SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. "XR Brands has done a fabulous job as Massera's industry liaison to assure the line is merchandised according to adult retailers' unique needs and available to every customer that comes their way. In the few months since its debut, the full line has become an incredible seller for us and we look forward to seeing more from this partnership between Massera and XR Brands."

The company provided product demos during the recent International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas.

“The key to sales success is creative and thoughtful merchandising, which is why Massera makes a perfect introductory brand for most adult stores,” Alvstad said. “These 12 high-end muscle massagers further connect the gap that Brookstone so cleverly bridges by providing benefits that include stress relief, improved sleep and – of course – intimacy-building. Don’t be afraid to display Massera with candles, bath oils and lingerie for a subtle sensual suggestion. Shoppers will thank you.

“The Massera team has truly embraced the concept of making at-home massage fun, easy and affordable and it’s a pleasure to partner with them for adult retail,” Alvstad said. “We share the same passion for offering professional quality at competitive prices and we are excited to make this collection of unique hand-held massagers available industry-wide.”

For ordering information, email Alvstad at randy@xrbands.com.