Sensuva Debuts 3 New X On The Lips Flavors

 LOS ANGELES — Adult manufacturer Sensuva has announced that X On The Lips is now available in three new flavors: Buzzing Bubble Gum, Sizzling Strawberry and Electric Cherry.

X On The Lips is a lip balm made with “gender-friendly” pheromones that the company says can make your lips buzz and tingle — a sensation that will be felt by anyone you kiss.

The lip balm has been available in its Original flavor for over a year, but Sensuva representatives said that consumers were requesting more variety in taste and smell. Sensuva responded by developing new flavors and conducting a public taste test. 

“During the AMNE show in July we surveyed our customers to see which flavors would do best, and these three were everyone’s favorites” said Lisa Mazurek, Sensuva’s branding and marketing director. “The new flavors are delicious, with a surprising electric twinge.”

The latest additions to the X On The Lips collection use all natural flavors, just like the original, the company says.

“Kissing is a turn-on. After you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you can easily forget how much fun it is and how connected you feel making out” Mazurek said, explaining the benefits of the lip balm. “Our customers are currently selling other products that help couples connect by physically touching one another, such as massage oils and tools, and this is another idea for them to suggest to their customers.”

She added that X On The Lips has garnered a following from unexpected niche groups, including ravers, college students and swingers.

All flavors — Original, Sizzling Strawberry, Buzzing Bubble Gum, and Electric Cherry — are available in individual balm tubes or as a “mixed flavor display” that features four pieces of each flavor, a tester for customers to try and free tester sticks. Sensuva also offers the new flavors in 12-piece refill packs that include a fresh tester and tester sticks.

Also available through Sensuva are branded counter displays, testers and matching merchandising sales tools for interested retailers and distributors. For product details and information, contact Mazurek at or call 425-880-6006.