Sex, Tech Conference Arse Elektronika Kicks Off in S.F.

SAN FRANCISCO — Kicking off tomorrow, the 7th annual edition of the Arse Elektronika conference will tackle the “big-ass sweeping themes” of sex, technology and identity to answer life’s most pressing questions … like “What does sexual desire mean to a dolphin?”

Ok, and slightly more relevant queries: “Will apps like Bang With Friends and gadgets like Google Glass provide us with the ultimate gonzo pornoverse? What has been the effect of location-based hookup apps on the architecture of cruising? What are the economics of niche dating sites, and how are they policed? What are the ethical obligations surrounding the ability to algorithmically identify those who are in the closet?”

According to the organizer, Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom, the list goes on and on and ranges from the extremely esoteric to issues that affect our everyday lives. This year's conference centers on the interdependent evolution of the self and sexuality and technology.

The four-day event will begin with a gala hosted by Grenzfurthner for the purpose of inauguration and celebration of the latest Arse Elektronika Anthology, “Screw the System: Explorations of Spaces, Games and Politics through Sexuality and Technology,” published by RE/Search and monochrom.  

The following three days will include eclectic presentations, including a keynote address “19 Years in the Porn Mines” by erotic filmmaker Christophe Pettus, “Digital Dildo Crafting in the Jungle” by Rex Johnson, “Practical Privacy for Online Expression of Identity” by Rich and Christie Dudley, as well as a Saturday night film screening at the Center for Sex and Culture.  

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