Vantage, Manville Set Release Date for 'Green Lantern' Spoof

LOS ANGELES — Vantage Distribution’s Manville Entertainment has announced a November release date for its newest all-male super-hero parody, "The Green Lantern is Gay!"

Directed by Urban Martin and Simon Poe, "The Green Lantern is Gay!" tells the story of Hal Hardon, a cocky human test pilot, and the battle against the Green Lanterns’ arch nemesis, Penillax. Love and romance collide with lust as a cosmic battle between the Green Lanterns and the diabolical Penillax makes its way to Earth. 
In the Manville Entertainment version of the 2011 film based on the DC comic book, the role of the human Green Lantern, Hal Hardon, is played by Spencer Fox. Other cast members include Trevor Knight, Kirk Cummings, Alessandro Del Toro, Adam Russo, Brody Wilde and Tristan Mathews. Test Pilot Hal Hardon is the recipient of an alien Lantern’s mighty shaft and is chosen to become a Green Lantern for love while his life-long friend Hector consumes a hot Delivery Man with the yellow power of pure lust. Can our hero save the Senator and his Aide from their own heated passions? Can the Green Lantern defeat Penillax and win the heart and ass of his true love? 
The "Green Lantern is Gay!: A XXX Manville Parody" is a two-disc deluxe collector’s edition that will also include a softcore version, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews, and photo gallery.
Adam Hasner, VP of Vantage Distribution, said, “We are excited to finally release our second all-male super hero parody. Green Lantern lends itself especially well to this type of parody, as the hero was promiscuous and a bit over the top. Our first title, 'Batman and Robin: An All Male XXX Parody,' did very well for us. We are the only company providing this type of product, and we expect the 'The Green Lantern is Gay!' to sell accordingly. Expect a strong promotional campaign over the next two months.”
Manville Entertainment Executive Producer, Austin, remarked, “We are extremely proud of this project; that along with scorching man-on-man sex offers some great special effects. I am thrilled we were able to entice a-list talent, like Spencer Fox and Trevor Knight to fill the starring roles, each bringing some serious acting chops along with their huge dicks.”