Rocks-Off Partners With Lal Hardy for ‘Erotic Ink’ Line

LONDON — Rocks-Off has teamed up with U.K. tattoo artist Lal Hardy to produce a new limited edition range of bullet vibrators under the Erotic Ink banner.

The Erotic Ink Collection will consist of 10-speed and seven-speed gold metallic plated RO 160, 120 and 80 bullet vibrators sporting Lal Hardy tattoos, exclusively designed for Rocks-Off. The collection is slated for debut next month at the Tattoo Jam event, which takes place at Doncaster Race Course.

“Rocks-Off is celebrating our 10th year in business in 2013 so we knew we had to do something quite special and inspirational so we threw the ball out to our creative team and what they came up with was fantastic,” said Gary Elliott, Rocks-Off director and founder. “We showcased the range at ETO in the U.K. and ANME in L.A. and were bowled over by the response from our customers regarding the branding, functionality upgrades, the new products that we are rolling out and also the back-up marketing material that’s available to them.

“We have been working on the Erotic Ink range with Lal Hardy who is a familiar and larger than life figure on the international tattoo scene, not just as an artist but within the industry as a show organizer and he was also secretary of The Association of Professional Tattoo Artists for 15 years. Lal has written books, is a regular contributor to publications and has also appeared and advised on numerous TV shows, so he has a wealth of experience.”

Hardy has owned the New Wave Studio in London for 32 years and has a host of celebrity clients, including high profile musicians and athletes.

“When the opportunity came for me to work with Rocks-Off to both design and be involved with their Erotic Ink vibes it really gave me huge buzz and with that in mind I know they give everyone who’s uses them an even bigger buzz,” Hardy said.